Becoming Emotionally Attuned to Your Baby

Children need to feel a strong connection to the adults in their lives.  Infants thrive when their needs are met and they feel loved and understood.  Yet how do we connect with our babies on an emotional level when they’re so young?  This 2-hour class (webinar) will:

  • Explain the importance of “responsive parenting”
  • Explore infant temperaments, as well as your own
  • Give you tools to support your baby when they’re having “big feelings”
  • Teach you how to help co-regulate emotions, so that your child will eventually learn to SELF-regulate


Facilitator:  Beth Goss is a Certified Gottman Educator and Training Specialist. She is also a tenured faculty member at North Seattle College, where she teaches Parent Education and Child Development.

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Note:  Due to COVID all classes will be held online.  Video invites will be sent out prior to the class.

6:00-8:00pm   Pacific Time                                            $50.00 per couple

Please contact Joni at for future dates

Emotion Coaching

Children need to feel connected to the adults in their lives, even when they’re yelling at us to “go away!”.  Our kids tend to have very intense feelings – anger, sadness, joy – and it’s our job to help them navigate those feelings and get their needs met in a socially acceptable way.  This 2-hour class will:

~Help you identify your parenting/caregiving style(s)
~Teach you how to support children when they’re having BIG FEELINGS
~Give you tools to support children while teaching them calming and coping techniques
~Explain how you can set limits on BEHAVIOR, while accepting children’s FEELINGS

Emotion Coaching is a research-based method from The Gottman Institute.

 6:00-8:00pm Pacific Time                                                $50.00 per couple

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