Bringing Baby Home – A Virtual Workshop:

Together + Parenting a Newborn to Young Child (0-3) 

Please join us for critical conversations as you and your partner transition to parenthood! 

  • How do “we” become “three” as a family in the transition to parenthood?
  • What happens to us?
  • How do we manage conflict and stay connected?
  • Do we agree on parenting? What are our parenting roles?
  • How do we connect with our infant/child?
  • What about intimacy/sex?
  • What are our goals and shared values?

Experience our evidence-based and research-tested Bringing Baby Home Workshop which helps couples prepare for life with baby and the joys and challenges of the transition to parenthood – helping couples learn about positively guiding child development


This workshop is dyadic! While virtual, you engage with your partner in all activities to gain practice together with new skills and tools.  While in solidarity with other couples “live” online, think of this more as a small “couples retreat,” where you are both focused solely on each other.  We provide space for couples to ask questions to the presenters, but you will have total privacy when practicing the skills by turning off video and sound for set amounts of time as well as working on exercises at your convenience between sessions.

“The single most valuable learning experience we’ve ever had!  What an incredible workshop which will have profound effects on our new family.”

“Take advantage of this class; it was both encouraging and validating for our relationship and with building confidence as we pioneer our path as parents.”

Couples find our workshops affirming, impactful, fun, and enormously helpful.  Our facilitators have decades of experience supporting couples and families in strengthening their relationships.

 Each instructor is one of less than a dozen certified Gottman BBH Training Specialists worldwide and is co-facilitated by the Gottman Institute’s Education Director and Master Trainer of the Bringing Baby Home Program.

This three-session workshop (3.0 hours per session) includes online and offline content supporting a couple’s relationship, their communication, their conflict management skills, and information about what to expect with baby’s development.  The research supporting the information, skills, and tools offered are solid – from years of longitudinal research at The Gottman Institute following new parents!


As a couple you will both experience over 12 hours of learning and engage in exercises and activities to:

  • Strengthen your couple and parenting relationship
  • Improve couple communication
  • Gain research-based skills + practice them, to navigate conflict
  • Learn about connecting as a couple and a family
  • Recognize emotions in baby and what baby is communicating
  • Plan on how to keep intimacy and passion in your relationship
  • Understand information on and resources for postpartum mood issues
  • Reflect and discuss parenting roles, philosophies, and parenting as a team


This workshop offers couples specific skills to maintain a higher level of relationship satisfaction after becoming parents.


For more information, watch this brief video with Dr. Gottman discussing the BBH program.

Please contact Joni, BBH Education Director and Master Trainer at with any questions. 

Cost and Registration

The Three (3 hour) Session Workshop series cost of $375.00 US covers:

  • A couple’s (two people) registration
  • Participation in all three 3.0 hour sessions (please be sure you both can attend all sessions)
  • As the workshop is virtual, babies in arms are welcomed
  • Pre-workshop exclusive podcast with BBH Education Director
  • Parenting Resources

Please be certain to have purchased the Bringing Baby Home Digital Materials ($49.00) from The Gottman Institute well in advance of our first session at:


”If new parents could take only one workshop, this would be THE one.  We left with skills/tools to keep our relationship strong as we become parents -together.”


All  BBH workshops  are virtual at 3.0 hours x 3 sessions

(Weeknights 6:00-9:00pm/ Weekends 9:00-noon Pacific Time) unless otherwise advertised.

A Zoom video invite will be sent out prior to class

June 15,22,29

July 14,21,28/Aug 11,18,25/Aug 14,21,28/Sept 15,22,29/Oct 2,9,16/Oct 19,26, Nov2/Nov 7,14,21/Dec 1,8,15

Click the “Store/Register” tab and scroll down to the BBH Offering.  Register and then please email the class series dates you are interested in attending to  We will follow up with a confirmation information email shortly.


We’d love to have you join us!

Joni Parthemer Consulting