Childbirth Preparation Virtual Workshop
Support for You and Your Baby Every Step of the Way
$95.00 per couple


This 3-hour Virtual Workshop helps you to prepare for Childbirth and gain knowledge and skills to welcome your baby into the world.  

While no one can tell you what your birth experience will be like, learning about the process can help you feel prepared, confident and ready for the birth of your baby.  This Prepared Childbirth Workshop will provide you with information on the labor process and possible variations, and coping skills.  Partners will learn ways to provide support during labor.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Warning Signs
  • Measuring Progress in Labor
  • Stages and Phases of Labor
  • Coping Techniques and Comfort Measures
  • Pain Medications for Labor
  • Induction and Augmentation of Labor
  • Labor Variations/Interventions
  • Cesarean Birth     

Classes held 6-9pm weeknights/9am-noon weekends  (Pacific Time)                                                        $95.00 per couple


 Please contact Joni at for future dates




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